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Certified SPED Facilitator EPO (2545)

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TitleCertified SPED Facilitator EPO
Posting ID2545


SUPERVISOR(s):  Director of Exceptional Programs and/or Designee



To provided technical assistance to parents, teachers and administrators regarding special education issues and concerns; to assist with communication regarding special education topics; to mediate effectively to resolve difficult special education IEP decisions; to assist with training district personnel and parents regarding topical issues; to assist in planning staff development activities; to provide direct instruction to students; other duties as assigned.



  1. Provide direct and support services to schools for which assigned
  2. Attend Multidisciplinary Team meetings to assist in planning for student needs
  3. Provide effective written and verbal communication skills in possible stressful situations
  4. Plan professional development activities in collaboration with other district personnel and under the direction of Exceptional Programs Office administration for school staff and students in all aspects of program implementation
  5. Respect confidentiality of student(s), teacher(s) or school information
  6. Communicate with parents and staff in a manner to provide assistance and support for students in a variety of educational settings
  7. Conduct training meetings for general and special education teachers and building administrators
  8. Fulfill district requirements for length of day, annual calendar and other work related schedules as may be identified
  9. Maintain necessary and appropriate licensure
  10. Facilitate special education and specially funded IDEA programs in the district (at your sites).
  11. Assists school staff in insuring that established procedures to process and place eligible students in special education classes from admission to dismissal are carried out
  12. Facilitates curriculum and program planning, pre-service and in-service training for teachers in all IDEA programs
  13. Provides feedback and recommendations for additional special education programs and services to EPO administration and building administrators
  14. Interprets the philosophy and practices of the special education department to administrator, staff and community
  15. Consults as necessary with special education teachers and with parents of students in programs
  16. Works with the administration and staff on matters of program development and individual education plans
  17. Assist case managers in the IEP process
  18. Accept other duties as assigned by supervisor



  1. Special Education licensure required
  2. Minimum of Level II License with Five years experience
  3. Masters Degree preferred
  4. Administrative Licensure preferred


  1. General good health
  2. Ability to work in a variety of educational settings
  3. TB test


  1. Positive interpersonal skills
  2. Knowledge of special education state and federal regulations
  3. Strong work ethic
  4. Ability to communicate well both verbally and in written format


  1. Salary and work year to be established annually by the Board of Education.
  2. 185 Days. Additional contract days at established daily rate may be added.
  3. Teacher Salary Schedule
Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary RangePer Year
LocationExceptional Programs Office

Applications Accepted

Start Date02/02/2018